Tax Refund Netherlands

Foreign Dutch tax payers who worked for a short period in the Netherlands may be eligible for a tax refund. Your employer deducted the Dutch income tax from your salary. In this case, you were never officially registered as domiciled in the Netherlands. Therefore, according to the Dutch tax authority, you were never a resident of the Netherlands. However, you must have a social security number in the Netherlands (called Burger Service Nummer = BSN). There are a lot of tax treaties so the chance that you will have to pay your full amount of income tax in two countries is very small. Both countries could demand to be informed about your total global income.

The refund service is also for people who lived the entire year in the Netherlands and worked 12 months.

Furthermore, in some cases, spouses of expats who never worked in the Netherlands in a certain year did not then work in the fiscal year. You may receive up to seven years of your money back.

If you provide us with your “jaaropgave” (the year-end salary slip), we can inform you if you will get a tax return within one or two days. Use this form to contact us.