Have you received an M-form from the Dutch tax authorities, Belastingdienst?

If you received the M-form it may be tough and hard to figure out what the Belastingdienst expects from you.  Thankfully, we can help you complete and Dutch income tax forms you receive.  For example, if you’ve officially immigrated to the Netherlands, you will receive an m-form (m-biljet) for your first year of employment taxes, and in the second year, you will receive a c-form tax form.  If you leave the Netherlands for your home country, you will receive this form again the following year.  The m-form is roughly 170 pages long and extremely long and hard to fill out your self.  With our help, we can fill forms like these quickly and easily for you.

M-form the Netherlands

We use an effective program to fill in your m-form. That means we don’t need the hard copy of the m-form you received from the “Belastingdienst”. Also, we can reduce the package down to twenty essential pages for your convenience. All information will be presented in a clear fiscal report. After you approve the report, your tax application will be sent to the Belastingdienst.
We communicate with the Dutch tax authorities through a channel used only for tax consultants, which the Dutch tax authorities have authorized.
M-biljet op papierYour information will remain secure because we communicate in Dutch tax authorities only through a channel  used for tax consultants, which the Dutch tax authorities have authorized. Therefore, we don’t work with Digid codes. Instead, we use a digital signing method that is free of charge and simple to use. You approve your tax application, and all appropriate documents are signed, your application is sent to the Belastingdienst


If you need an English version of your regular personal tax application, please read more here.

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