You’ve received a tax form from the Dutch tax authorities Belastingdienst

We can help you complete any Dutch income tax forms you receive from the Dutch tax office. For example, if you’ve officially immigrated to the Netherlands. In this case, you will first receive an m-form (m-biljet) and in the second full year a regular form or a c-form from a regular tax form or, in case you moved back, you will receive this form again the following year. The m-form is about 170 pages to fill in on paper. The Dutch tax service is now providing software for the m-form. We use a commercial program for filling in your m-form. The amount of pages will normally be reduced to 20. We communicate with the Dutch tax authorities only about tax related issues through a channel used only for tax consultants, which has been m-form Netherlands authorised by the Dutch tax authorities. Therefore, we don’t work with codes like the DigiD, which can be used far more broadly when filling in your Dutch tax application.
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