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How to Fill m Form Netherlands

We are going to inform the belastingdienst that we will be your tax consultant for the fiscal year 2018. Therefore, we need your full name and address and BSN-nummer. This information you will find on dutch salary slip.

The belastingdienst will respond by sending you the dutch form -registratie machtiging intermediair- .  You forward this form directly to us. With this form we complete the registration as your tax consultant and we have access to your data 2018 already registered  by the “Belastingdienst”

Requesting a postponement

Please inform us in case you need a postponement for your tax application 2016. We can apply for it in most cases even after the date due on the letter your received from the belastingdienst.

Find here your checklist voor 2018

Older years

In case you receive a letter for older years please contact us

Find here your checklist voor 2017