Leonard Advies completes your Dutch tax forms no matter what country you live in. We provide the service for all Dutch tax forms. In addition, we can make calculations about your financial situation in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we can provide second opinions concerning your income tax and inheritance tax.

Dutch tax form M English

The Dutch income tax authorities can send you different forms (m-biljet, c-biljet or f-biljet). Filing these forms is not always easy and sometimes they are still on paper instead of on web-based form. We make your Dutch tax transparent and deliver it after your approval correctly and on time to the Dutch tax authorities. If necessary and possible, we can apply to the Belastingdienst (tax authority) for deferment. Wherever you live and whatever type of form you received from the tax authority, we can be of service.

How to start

You collect the data based on our checklist. You send this data to us along with the completed list. Then, we complete your tax form. You will receive a draft. After you have given your approval, we send the form to the tax authorities. The big advantage is that you do not need any special codes to fill in your tax form.

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